A Leap Second Before 2009

December 31, 2008 at 12:43 pm | Posted in Technology, Whatever Things | 1 Comment
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firework This year, the beginning of 2009 will be late for a second. This phenomenon known as ‘Leap Second’. Many scientists that care for time standardization all over the world agreed for adding a second in the end of 2008. This addition is to ensure that the world is ‘on time’. The standard of our Earth rotation is 24 hours, still used for determining time on the clock. Whereas, Earth rotation delays over time.

Ice liquefaction at the pole, Earth’s core activity, sea wave, gravity’s effect make the axis of rotation change and delay about 2 ms everyday. The ‘a second’ addition that arranged by world time standardization organization – International Rotation and Reference Systems Service – will be officially doing on new year eve at Greenwich, England. Technically, on the new year eve will be add counter 23.59.60 before changed to 00.00.00.

It is not he first Leap Second. Since the world’s time standardization has been agreed in 1972, there’s been done 24 times. But, though 2009 will be late for a second, it’s go forward few milliseconds actually. It caused by now a day, atom clock late 0.6 second which make earth clock 0.4 second earlier. Still, go forward, even back up, the new year eve celebration always be waited for 😀


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