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flatAs a girl, it is a must for having a ‘good looking’ appearance. One of the item that U must have is a shoe. An item that makes our feet looks beautiful have a lot of type. Check this one out, Girl!!

1. Boot
This ‘closed’ shoe cover our feet until our ankle, even our calf. Completed with special sole and heels, this shoe made for against extreme weather, initially. Later, we know another type of this boot such as rubber boots, snow boots, work boots, and hiking boots. Now, You can also wear it with a miniskirt.

2. Pump
This term made for calling the design that cover almost half of back-feet, just like a ‘pump’. Pump shoes also known as pump with Louis heel cause it usually equipped with high-heels. This shoe is match with a miniskirt.

3. Open Toe
Known as peep toe. A shoe or slipper with open pointed toe-box. In purpose, letting our top-feet ‘peep’ beautifully. The advantage using this shoe is we won’t get a sweaty feet. This is a comfort shoe.

4. Stilettostiletto
This term used for a super thin, and sharp-pointed heels. The height must be over 2 or 5 inches. Use this shoe for parties cause it makes You get a sexy and girly look. Try to match it with skinny pants or jeans, or a pencil skirt. Avoid wide-leg pants, or A-line skirt.

5. Wedge
Called for an extra-thick sole. This sole is coated all bottom part of the shoe or slipper. From the bottom of our feet until the front-point. The heels is unbreakable easily. It really recommended for Continue Reading Shoes in Style…


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